About Us

Catom Trucking was established in 1978 in the home of Tom and Cathy Stellman, who named their company by combining the first part of both of their names. The single unit operation was operated by Tom, who started out just trying to make a living. Little did he know that his job of transporting primarily aggregates and occasionally hauling equipment would turn into a full fleet of twenty-five trucks and over seventy-five trailers, operating primarily in the Midwest and across the country.

Tom and Cathy set a standard of operating their business that has proved to be successful. Catom Trucking is a family owned and operated business that is supported by valued employees who are treated as if they were family themselves. Together, we have built Catom Trucking to be a premier heavy hauler known for our desire to continuously satisfy our customer’s needs, commitment to provide an enjoyable work environment, and our pride for the industry we work in.